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To successfully practice construction law, Provo construction attorneys must possess many talents. They must know construction law and real estate law. The attorney must understand land use and zoning regulations. They must understand the concepts and practice of architecture, construction, materials, and causes of structural failure. The attorney must also possess strong negotiation skills and the ability to litigate successfully on behalf of the client.

When a client has a construction law problem, the stakes can be large. Penalties for contractual non-performance can be severe. The success of a major development project may hang in the balance. In these situations, developers, contractors, and investors want a law firm that can prevail.

Our clients know that we understand construction and the laws, regulations, and ordinances which govern construction law and real estate. At Seiler, Anderson, Fife & Marshall LC. our construction law attorneys have a reputation for getting results.

Our firm represents clients in all aspects of construction and real estate law, including: