How the Debt Collection Lawsuit Process Works

Knowing how the debt collection process works will help you when and if you do end up facing a lawsuit regarding debt collection.Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo can help you navigate the debt collection process. Below are some helpful tips to get you through the debt collection lawsuit process.   Receiving the […] Read more

What your Real Estate Lawyer wants you to Know

When purchasing real estate you have the option of seeking the help of a Real Estate Lawyer. While it is often unheard of to contact a lawyer before purchasing real estate it could actually benefit you in the long run. We at Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo have real estate lawyers that […] Read more

Facts about Probate you need to know

Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person’s estate is properly distributed to heirs and designated beneficiaries and any debt owed to creditors is paid off. In general, probate property is distributed according to the decedent’s last will and testament, if there is one, or according to state law if no will exists. […] Read more

Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in a personal injury case the last thing you will want to do is take any action that will hinder your case. The personal injury attorneys at Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo will guide you on the process of a personal injury case and what you should and […] Read more

Why you should make Tax Planning a Priority this year

While we all may dread that time of the year when April 15th rolls around and we have to sit down and do our taxes, have you ever thought about getting a head start on taxes and creating a tax plan with your attorney? Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Utah County has attorneys […] Read more

What to Know about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with a wrongful death lawsuit. These take place due to someone’s death either caused by negligence or through intentional harm. Wrongful death claims allow the estate of the deceased person to file a lawsuit against the party who is legally […] Read more

What you Should Know about Special Needs Trusts

Trusts are great when it comes to protecting your assets, setting up plans for the future, and putting trustees and beneficiaries in a position to take over when you are no longer living or able to take care of yourself. Special needs trusts are made specifically for the benefit of those with physical and/or mental […] Read more

How to Successfully get through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is never an easy thing to go through. While you do have some choices to how you want to get through a bankruptcy it is still going to be hard and require a lot of sacrifices. If you have chosen to go through with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy make sure you talk with the […] Read more

The Legalities of Land Use and Zoning

Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by municipalities to control and direct the development of property within their borders. Whether you need to get an easement in order to reliably access your property, looking at property for a new business, or have other land use and zoning law questions, a real estate attorney should be […] Read more

When to Involve your Lawyer for an Auto Insurance Claim

If you find yourself to be a victim of a car accident you will soon find yourself involved with an auto insurance claim as well. These can be difficult waters to tread on your own. With the help of a Lawyer from Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo you can find your way […] Read more
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