Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in a personal injury case the last thing you will want to do is take any action that will hinder your case. The personal injury attorneys at Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo will guide you on the process of a personal injury case and what you should and should not do. Below are just some of the mistakes you will want to avoid when going through a personal injury case.


Not Following your Doctor’s Instructions

Not being compliant or following your doctors specific instructions after seeking treatment after a personal injury can be daunting to your case. Gaps in treatment are something that insurance companies use against plaintiffs – if they don’t follow through with treatment, if they’re not compliant, if there are gaps – because they will say that if there’s a gap, then there could have been another cause for the injuries.


Giving a Statement to Insurance Companies

While you assume that insurance companies are going to do the right thing in regards to your case you need to realize they are going to do what they can to avoid a payout. They’re looking out for their insured’s interest, their company’s interest, and their own monetary bottom line. You are not required to give a statement to any insurance company and it should be avoided until you speak with your personal injury attorney at Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo.


Settling Early

In some instances, plaintiffs will cut themselves short in that the insurance companies will pressure them to settle even before they’ve undergone treatment done or right after an initial round of treatment. It is impossible to tell if your injuries will continue on and require more treatment and even more money, which is why settling early will end up hurting you in the long run.


Personal Injury Claims are hard to go through on your own. Your focus should be on healing and getting the money you deserve for treatment, let the personal injury attorneys at Robinson, Seiler, Anderson & Fife, LC. in Provo take care of the rest. Call us today to schedule a consultation.